[Pixelmon] PixelMoney [API 5/6/7] [2.2.0]


Okey first im new to all of this, i just thought the plugins i go are usefull.
Now my problem(s) : How do this whole system work like what can i do with the money; can i create npc that uses the currency; is there a way to convert the money i got to the pixelmon currency (i think its called Pokedoller).
Im open for eveything and im not even sure if i have to post that here


It works with Sponge’s Economy system, so you’ll need an economy plugin that implements that specification (like EconomyLite) to use PixelMoney, about your second question, you are asking for a Pixelmon sidemod called EconomyBridge that synchronize Sponge plugins currency with Pixelmon’s currency


Sorry for the late response, i saw this post and im very thankfull.
I now know all the things that i wanted and <3 to you to show me ‘sponge’ like how it workes ^^