[Pixelmon] PixelMoney [API 5/6/7] [2.2.0]

This plugin allows players to receive money rewards for defeating Pokémons,
NPC Trainers and supports Boss modes.

:dart: Installation

Just place the jar in your mods/ folder

:paintbrush: Links

:book: Commands

/pm togglemsg - Toggle the money log messages
/pm reload - Reload PixelMoney's config

:unlock: Permissions

Permissions until 2.0.0

teits.pixelmoney.enable - Allows player to receive reward
teits.pixelmoney.toggle - Allows access to /pm togglemsg
teits.pixelmoney.reload - Allows access to /pm reload
teits.pixelmoney.weight.(number) - Permission to receive a custom reward

Permissions 2.1.0


:newspaper: Versions


[Pixelmon] PixelMoney [API 5/6] [v1.1]

  • Added messages config.
  • Config break changes.
    • Copy your pixelmoney’s config;
    • Delete actual pixelmoney.conf file;
    • Let the plugin create a new pixelmoney.conf file;
    • Reconfigure pixelmoney.conf with your copied config.

PixelMoney v1.1 Download Link

Hey :slight_smile:
Great to see some new developers coming in and making interesting things :slight_smile:

Are there plans to make it so that specific pokemon reward specific amounts? Or a certain amount of a certain kind / type do?

As it stands I’m assuming this is just any # of any type?

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Good Job.
I think you should add a dimension support eg you could configure in which dimensions the plugin would be used!

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Thank you, I’m planning to add a reward for certain pokemon type and boss pokemon in the near future.
I’ll think about specific reward for specific pokemon.
Thank you for suggestions.

Thank you, it’s a very good idea, I’ll implement your suggestion.

[Pixelmon] PixelMoney [API 5/6] [v1.2]

  • Added support for Dimensions;
  • Added support for Groups:
  • You can create different rewards for different groups
  • If you created a group with weight=3, permission to receive the custom reward will be teits.pixelmoney.weight.3
  • Yes, still needs teits.pixelmoney.enable
  • Permissions Changes:
  • teits.pixelmoney -> teits.pixelmoney.enable
  • Permissions added:
  • teits.pixelmoney.weight.(number)
  • Config break changes again(Sorry!) :
  • Config break changes.
  • Copy your pixelmoney’s config;
  • Delete actual pixelmoney.conf file;
  • Let the plugin create a new pixelmoney.conf file;
  • Reconfigure pixelmoney.conf with your copied config.

Download Pixelmoney v1.2 here

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Added an issse to your Github.

Sorry for that, I was waiting a stable version to add support for 5.1.x, but seems it will not be released soon.
I’ll update this plugin ASAP
Thank you.

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[Pixelmon] PixelMoney [API 5/6] [2.0.0]

  • Added support for NPCs;
  • Added support for Bosses;
  • Added support for Pixelmon 5.1.1+;
  • Added a ChatType config (System, Chat or Action bar).

Now PixelMoney is a official Pixelmon sidemod, so you can download it from Pixelmon’s downloads page.
Plugin will continue open source, but in a different repository and I’ll use Pixelmon’s Bug tracker
to handle with possible errors.

Download PixelMoney-2.0.0 here
Please report issues here
And the new repository link


Is there anywhere to download the 2.0 link? The Pixelmonmod website went down after Nintendo shut them down so I can’t seem to find it.

Sorry for the wait, my internet is a piece of crap…

Here is the link for the release: PixelMoney 2.0.0
Report issues here

The last version was for Pixelmon 5.1.2, which means that nobody reported this earlier or you are using an illegal modification of Pixelmon that is breaking things

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Aren’t all versions of Pixelmon illegal, though?

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Well, the code of group weights is horrible, if you don’t set permission nodes properly it crashes your server, you need to give both teits.pixelmoney.enable and teits.pixelmoney.weight.x to player or group.

Illegal to share, not use. (For Pixelmon, modified versions of Pixelmon are a different story as they go against ToS)

not using an illegal version(granted pixelmon in general was always under copyright and illegal just wasn’t issued a claim yet), however i doubt it works on them either as in, the same issue would arise

Changelog 2.1.0

Plugin code changes

  • Updated to API 7 to work with Pixelmon Reforged 6.0.0;
  • Plugin rewritten, now with less NPEs possibilities and probably performance enhance;
  • Config breaking changes again, yes, you will need to delete your config file;

Permissions changes

  • teits.pixelmoney.enable -> pixelmoney.enable;
  • teits.pixelmoney.toggle -> pixelmoney.command.toggle;
  • teits.pixelmoney.reload -> pixelmoney.command.reload;
  • teits.pixelmoney.weight.(number) -> pixelmoney.group.(id);

Download PixelMoney 2.1.0


could i request capture rewards aswell ontop of defeating?

New Version!!

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