Pixelmon Plugin Request

I need help getting a plugin that lets you redeem pixelmon with tokens.
Like shinys, legends, starters, fossils, shiny legends, ETC.

Are tokens a built in item?
If not, you might wanna be looking at Devs Available for things you want for your server.

I don’t know how much you really want tokens to be added as a feature to claim/redeem pixelmon, but you could use something like HuskyCrates. In order to run/use HuskyCrates, you’ll need the HuskyUI. I’m in no way associate with them, but I use this plugin, and it’s great. It offers “keys” to open chests, which have editable chances for certain items in the chest/crate. It offers particle effects, entity crates, and configurable crates, so I don’t see why you can’t use it instead :stuck_out_tongue:

You know that I wrote the plugin.

I seriously didn’t see your post/name before I made that post. What a coincidence o.0

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Lmao. That’s actually really funny.

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My first post on spongeforums and this actually happens. My luck/odds?

haha, that sucks

oh and this isnt a commision lmao im so out of it

Just a text base plugin that allows people to redeem pokemon with a simple command. Like /tokens and it shows all the tokens they have in a list. Example /tokens shiny ditto. gives you a shiny ditto and announces to the server that they redeemed a shiny ditto with their shiny token. But it shouldn’t allow like legends with shiny token they would need a shinylegend token or a legend token to redeem legendary pokemon. Starter tokens can only redeem starters, fossil tokens fossil pokemon. ETC