So I’m attempting to run a pixelmon reforged server on versions:
1.12.2 - minecraft and 7.0.6 - pixelmon

However have fallen into multiple problems when attempting to do this so far.
Our first task has been to set up claims like many other servers we intended to use claims to help moderate and protect the server however upon adding the grief prevention plugin (blood / GriefPrevention) the claims and nothing will work instead in game displaying:


Alongside this the console is constantly spammed doing something repeatedly without getting anywhere we are both confused and have no clue how to fix this.

I would report it to the grief prevention issues github page found here GitHub - MinecraftPortCentral/GriefPrevention: GriefDefender has replaced GP. See github link for latest information.

Also information such as the exact forge version, sponge forge and grief prevention version would be a huge help. Saying 1.12.2 could be 100+ different versions of forge and spongeforge

I recommend u use redprotect, that’s the one im using on my pixelmon server and everything is working so far

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nice thanks this is great!

I believe that LuckPerms is a requirement for GriefPrevention.That’s what I have running on a pixelmon server I manage.