[Pixelmon] PokexpMultiplier - Set a custom experience algorithm per group/user!


Yes I did
I did not set an algorithm for a player. Just set multipler perms per group for the 3 ranks I have


Give me your config (config/pokexpmultiplier.conf)
Also, Pixelmon 5.0.1, 2 or 3?
EDIT: If you’re on 5.0.2/5.0.3 test this and see if it works, it could be a bug that happens only if there is more than one player. (sources.jar)


Yeah, that fixed it. Thank you :slight_smile:


version 1.1.2

All the commands work, however setting a meta for a specific group doesn't seem to work. I did /lp group trainer meta set pokexp 2 and also gave them the permission pokexpmultiplier.enable. When they battle it still tells them they have 1x multiplier and /pokexp info says 1 as well

Also, can you set it so when the multiplier is just 1 it won't show the message every after battle? cuz it just says SnowBlitzz's Lapras experience has been multiplied from 63 to 63 (multiplied by 1) which is kinda useless :joy:


Refer to the wiki for more info about metas.
(I should definitely update this thread T.T)

That's a cute feature (if the exp doesn't change, not if the multiplier is 1), i'm going to add it (in the config). For now you could just create an algorithm for the players without a multiplier.


I see haha. I was referring to this thread so it was outdated. Thanks!


Is this plugin compatible with the last version 5.0.3 too?


But use this other instead


I Read the Wiki. Still Having trouble understanding how/where I enter this meta permission node. I have performed everything as stated in thread and on wiki. Cannot get values to change from 1 while battling npc's. I see permission meta pokexp_value amount But I do not know where to enter that the /pokexp default amount command currently returns an error.

Using /lp group default permission meta settemp 4h pokexp 3.0 global world true
/pokexp default 3.0 is not working



That command doesn't exist anymore, cause you're supposed to set a default value per algorithm it in the config (as seen in the example algorithms)
EDIT: Also /lp group default permission meta settemp 4h pokexp_value 3.0 is pokexp_value not pokexp cause that's the old meta


There are more permission nodes listed in the opening post here than there are on the GitHub wiki. Which source is more accurate?


Use the wiki, ignore everything written here, i don't have the time to update this topic.
I'm gonna stick this at the top


Hello! Update plugin in Pixelmon 5.1.0 version, please)


Here you go.

PokexpMultiplier v1.1.3 for Pixelmon 5.1.0

You can grab the jar in the release page.


Edit: welp since pixelmon died and i wouldn't update the mod anyway there are no reasons to leave this here


Sorry to hear that, recently been trying to make a plugin for pixelmon, but it's much much harder than making a simple sponge plugin. Was really enjoying this mods and pixelmonplaceholders, saddened to hear that you will no longer be working on these projects.
Hope that in the future you reconsider, same goes for those who work on the pixelmon mod. It's a fantastic mod, but they don't make it easy for plugin developers, open source and a guide to modding pixelmon with various functions and variables would help more plugins to get developed. I understand some of their reasoning behind it, but wish it wasn't so.


I didn’t leave because it was hard, i left because they (or he) banned me with no reasons, and i’ll never come back to a place where you can’t express a personal opinion


I understood that, was talking about my experience. For me it's too complicated to make plugins, need to depend on more advanced plugin developers like yourself, which is why you stopping making pixelmon plugins saddens me.


Sorry for the intrusion, but i'm a bit confused. Leaving the projects really doesn't effect them in any way, but affects those of us who began to rely on your great work. It is quite upsetting that someone would instantly jump to removing you at the first sign of an opinion contrary to their own (pretty much the sole contributor to this world's issues), but allowing one person, or a small group of people, to rub you the wrong way. to abandon those of us who are grateful and reliant for your input and expertise is kind of harsh. I am clueless when it comes to coding and figuring out the software stuff, but I truly hope you reconsider your decision to leave these projects, and us behind. Heck, if there was even something I could do to help, I would be happy to!


If Pixelmon makes any breaking changes coming up, I'll throw patches in here to keep this sidemod updated for you users.