Pixelmon Premade Server

Hey guys! I’ve been trying to make TONS of Pixelmon Generations servers which I keep failing at. If anyone can give me a Premade server or maybe someone can help me set one up, then that would be great. Thanks so much,

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How do you mean “failing me”?

First of all, thanks for answering! Second, I fixed the grammar mistake, sorry about that. You can look about for the mistake.

I mean how are the ones you make failing? Do you mean they wont boot? Or the server doesnt grab enough players for interest? Or something else?

Thanks for responding again! I mean like set up the spawns, all the mods, plugins, etc.

Could you be more descriptive? Im curious on how you “failed” at “spawns, all the mods, plugins, etc” because if you cannot create a server, in curious on how you will maintain one.

‘Failing at plugins’ can be easily done, but sadly plugins dont automatically fix, update, etc themselves if/when you update your mods, server, etc to a new version. Such as if you update to 1.14 when sponge does, all plugins will need to update too to suit the new SpongeAPI. If you ‘fail at plugins’ then how will you update?

Also depending on how you “failed” could be that a premade server doesnt work as its something like the java version you have is incorrect, or incorrect privilege level in your operating system, etc

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It’s kind of hard to explain, you can add me on Discord so It’s easier to talk. I also mean like does anyone have a premade Pixelmon Generations server.

Discord: HeyItsJackM8#5450

Not to be rude, but if you cant do the basics of setting up a server, i dont think you should be running one at all.

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I know how to run a server I’ve just never used mods and Forge on a server…

I rather talk here (or private message on here) - keeps my discord clean so I can quickly access my friends. I also dont have a mic during the pandemic so its no different for myself.

Im inclined to agree with @VinceOrlando . A modded server does share a lot with a vanilla server however throws a lot more issues in the way such as maintenance of the server, which on vanilla servers is handled pretty well, however mods dont have that luxury as they are building off the vanilla code, therefore you kinda need to know the basics such as installing a mod/plugin and the permissions to go with it (something that is different for every server depending on what the admin team - so you - wants. If you dont know how permissions work there is no point on me asking - which results in you wanting changes - and im busy enough to have another project on my hands, the rest of the sponge community may help but still).

I know you said its hard to explain, but have a go, you will find that the sponge community is here to help each other out. Im sure we can fill in the blanks and help you start a amazing server, we just need to know the issue to begin with.

All I asked for is a Premade server, not telling me that I can’t do it…

I never said you couldnt do anything. I mearly said that your likely to struggle maintaining it.

But a premade pixelmon generations server is what you want then give a min to check amount the pixelmon distribution licence as I know the pixelmon mod was DMCA takedown (hence why you need a modified forge such as generations or reforged) to run it.

If its allowed then you will have a private message with it. If its not then you will get a message too about the issue

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