Pixelmon Quests Plugin - ($60+ Budget)

Hello, I’m looking for a Custom Quests plugin that works with Pixelmon Reforged.
The Sponge Plugin must include ways to:

  • Easily create and manage quests with Pixelmon NPCs (In-Game and in config files, but please keep it simple)
  • Create long quests that consist of doing tasks for multiple Pixelmon NPCs to complete it. (Max 3 or 4)
  • Set quest objectives such as killing a # of WILD Pokemon, capturing certain pokemon, finding an item and retrieving that item to an NPC, defeating a trainer, discovering an area, etc.
  • Custom Quests rewards as items, commands, etc.
  • Add custom messages with a configurable delay that only go to the user while a quest is active, and a way to pause/resume quests so players can take a break from them, (also the messages must stop if the quest is paused)
  • A way to end certain quests (/quest end name)
  • Be able to track a players location for quests and reward them for finding an area
  • Add Cooldowns for each quests after completion so players can’t abuse the reward systems.
  • Pop up message on screen that says “Quest name completed” (configurable option in config)
  • Temporary Scoreboard that shows active Quest Progression for each quest the player has started, Pops up when you do /quests. For example if I make a long quest that consists of 3 NPCs and I complete the first NPCs task, the scoreboard in /quests would say 33% complete, then 66% for the second and 100% when done with all 3.
  • Ability to start or deny quests after clicking an NPC quest starter by replying to an NPC with “yes” or “no” in chat. (The “yes” and “no” messages must not show in chat for other players.)
  • Simple Permissions
  • Permission for how many quests a player can have active (example: quests.active.#)
    Discord: Satix#9561
    Budget: $60+ (Depends on how well it turns out)