[Pixelmon] Reset shrine for a fee

Would someone be able to make a plugin (or link to a pre-existing one if it already exists) that would reset a shrine (the Zappos, Articuno and Moltres ones) if they pay a certain fee?

Define reset a shrine. As far as I know, the shrines „reset“ once it completes a summon, then another player can use it freely.

I am sorry.
The shrine should be a used shrine (since these 3 shrines can only be used once, some other can be used multiple times) once you pay the fee you are able to use the shrine to summon one of the birds, depending on the shrine

While this makes sense to me, I don’t know of any shrine that can not be used infinite amount of times, as long as you have the item/pokemon required. That is for PixelmonGenerations anyways.

Weird, we are also using Generations but when using the Moltres, Articuno or Zapdos shrine for a second time it gives a message saying it has already been used :confused:

Double check your pixelmon configuration, there should be something like:

reusableBirdShrines = false

Already available in the reforged server owners discord. Find out more info in the main pixelmon discord!

Oke I’ll take a look!
Thank you!

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I have been looking in the reforged discord server, but can’t seem to find anything about it. Could you link me to it? Or tell me in which channel I can find this plugin?

you have to join from the main pixelmon discord and be approved for the owners discord