Pixelmon server Lag


I tried to install foamfix- and BetterFps-1.4.8 but still LAG, LAG now TPS is 20, I see that the LAG will appear when the player is in TP, but I I used map preloading, it seems to be useless, I have also adjusted the pixelmon generation frequency, and the dormantChunkCacheSize in forgeChunkLoading.cfg is set to 15, but the LAG situation is getting worse, please help me, my server has 32GB RAM, and high Performance CPU

This is my configuration file https://pastebin.com/gLzCaqV6

It seem it’s the world save and other saving mechanics within pixelmon. Also it seem that you haven’t edit the Sponge global.conf to optimize the server. I would Highly suggest you contact Rasgnarok she has a wonderful google docs about basic of optizmizing your pixelmon server performance. You can contact them or ask the google docs within their pixelmon discord support channels.

I tried to remove some mods, but this message still appears. Can’t keep up! Did the system time

if the issue is still happening possible you can give us your timings and you can use spark/warmroast to help figure out the issue

Please DM on Discord once you join https://pixelmonmod.com/discord, I will be able to better assist you through there than here at the forums :slight_smile:

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