Pixelmon/Sponge Plugins

Hello I’m Frost and I run a Pixelmon server… I’m well aware that the main pixelmon mod is gone but I’m still looking for development here and there for sidemods for my server, so you don’t need to comment telling me this or that.

Work Needed

1st Plugin - Animated Statues - Something I’ve been looking into for awhile but never got around to requesting this one until recently is a way to make pixelmon statues animated. Not high on my priority list but i’ll add it just in case.

2nd plugin - Global 2x Shiny Rates - This is kind of self explanatory. reduces shiny rate from a high amount (pixelmons built in configured amount) to a lower amount making them more common for a predefined amount of time ie. 1/40000 to 1/8500 for 12hrs/24hrs/etc. regardless of how the plugin is made to work the outcome should be that the plugin will increase the rate that a shiny can spawn globally for a time period /increaserates [modifier] [time]

3rd plugin - multi type Incense/lures - useable items that will attract pokemon to you and tells you in chat when a pokemon has been attracted. It lasts for x minutes and can attract any pokemon listed within a lure. (Multiple kind support) So I can have a 5min lure / 10min lure / etc

4th plugin - CommandSigns/Entities - (Any block or entity)
Permission Requirements to use, Persistant Cooldowns through restarts/reloads, eco support, Console/Player Executed commands, able to be hooked to any block or entity.

5th plugin - Open Pixelmon Shop Menus Anywhere via command
Permission Requirements, Console/Player executed variables (/pixelshop ) (/pixelshop )

I’d rather leave this up to the developer to tell me what they feel the cost of a plugin should be. I’d like a fixed rate given rather then an hourly rate.

I would prefer the plugins to be private rather then public but based on what the plugin is/does it can be left up to the two of us as long as the plugin gets updated. All plugins must have a config.

I have alot of other ideas also but these are the starting ones that I’d like to get done first. You can leave me a private message here or find me on discord FrostEffects#9011 and I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. I’m looking for a fair rate and hopefully someone will help.

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In the Terms you are talking about multiple plugins.
After the “Work Needed” I only see the EntityCommands plugin.
I guess your post is missing some plugins part of your request.
The EnitityCommands doesn’t seem to be that hard, I have to say I haven’t been developing Sponge for a while so I have to do some research first about changes in the API.

Edit: Sorry I just bumped a topic which is a couple months old. It was on top of Devs wanted category. Didn’t notice the date of the post.