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Bukkit Version for Pixelmon 1.7.10
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Gym Status Signs
Queue System and how to use it!

What is this plugin?

This plugin enables you to set Gym Leaders on your server that are given a certain permission node to notify other players when the Certain Gym/Elite 4 types are Open/Closed. It also enables Challenger’s of the Gym/Elite 4 to find out which Gym leaders and Elite 4 leaders are online and what Gym type or Elite 4 level they are leader of. Not only that, challengers of the gym join a queue, and get pulled through the queue and teleported into the gym.
There is a lot more to explain about the plugin, if you want to read everything about the features, you can go to this link:

Otherwise, you can scroll down to my tutorial video at the bottom of the page.

Optional Dependencies:

Includes a feature for the Pixelmon Mod, it is not needed but works well with it. The features that use the PixelmonMod are;
Gym leader pokemon healing (/gym heal)
Adding gym leaders pixelmon automatically (/pixelgym addleader (player) <gym#>


  • All Gym/Elite 4 Leaders can broadcast when there Gym is Open/Closed
  • Gym/Elite 4 Leaders have Unique Gyms that they are set to Open/Close.
  • Challengers can see what Gym/Elite 4 Leaders are on right now, and what Gym/Elite 4 level they are Leader of with one command.
  • Challengers can also see all Gyms/Elite 4 level’s that are Open/Closed with one command
  • Configurable Broadcast message Prefix
  • Configurable Gym/Elite 4 Names
  • Changeable Per Gym/Elite 4 level Broadcast colours
  • Configurable 5 Rules Per Gym/Elite 4 level that are sent to the player doing /gym rules <gym#/e4#>
  • When gym or Elite 4 leaders Log in, everyone get’s notified what gym they are leader of and what there IGN is. ("[PixelmonGym] A Rock Gym Leader has come online! (player)")
  • All Open Gyms/Elite 4 Levels get put in the gym scoreboard on the right hand of the screen
  • Ability to close all Gym’s/Elite 4 Level’s with one command
  • Ability to enable & disable any gym
  • Supports up to 32 Gym’s
  • Ability for gym leaders/Elite 4 leaders to heal their pixlemon.
  • Ability to enable or disable gym leader/elite 4 leader healing
  • Ability to fully disable the scoreboard in the config
  • Make someone a gym/elite 4 leader with one command
  • Fair Queue System
  • Safe badge showcase system with custom items.
  • Automatic teleportation out of gym after battle and teleportation in.
  • Win badge chat announcement
  • Gym leader battle log system
  • GymStatus Signs

There are also Gym Status signs that are used to show if a gym is open or not on a sign. It also displays the level cap of each gym. To learn how to set up a StatusSign, click here:
Gym Status Signs


To see a quick Guide on the Config, go here:
Configuration Guide


To view a whole list of commands go here:
PixelmonGym Commands


Video Tutorial’s

V5.3 (New one coming soon):

Video Tutorial

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I was looking forward to a plugin that automates NPC gyms. This only applies to player gyms unfortunately, but hey it’s really great for those who use player gyms.

Yeah that is in the thoughts to make something separate although a side mod is your best bet. A lot use player based Gym Leaders as a method of keeping a loyal community.

Think of it as making people feel special with a role, a job in the ecosystem and they become common players because they have this responsibility. Strategy and Gym Leader/Challenger tactics also become a very apparent thing.

Good luck finding a NPC one! :slight_smile:

That’s true. We used to have that, but then there were several things that made us shoo away from it. Firstly was the player’s inactivity. We have to replace the leaders every once in a while which is quite tasking. Secondly, the abuse of power. There will always be those who give badges to their friends without even a challenge, or choose moves like splash to allow their opponent to kill them. The former can be avoided with this plugin, but I guess the latter can’t.

Thanks xD Will probably make one myself, though I’m still a rookie at this.

Yeah i’ve been developing this myself along with a server of a decent loyal player base of Gym Leaders that were active and didn’t try let there friends win easily.

Tried to make it as exploit proof as possible, hence Virtual Gym Badges to prevent people selling them. If it’s not in the config, then they can’t enter a queue for the next gym.
And other things like trying to avoid gym cooldowns, etc…

But there is only so much protection I can do for a player controlled plugin. A year of solid player, server owner and admin feedback has made this be the best it can be. Got some new stuff coming but I totally agree with you.

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@ABkayCkay thanks a lot for remaking this plugin looks great :slight_smile:

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Hello :slight_smile:
Is there no support for LuckPerms?
it shows only
" # PermissionsEX
pex: ‘True’

Group Manager

groupman: ‘False’


bperm: ‘False’"
in configuration in website

Edit: Nvm tested it this version doesnt have the config but doubt
in the Item id section for badges, example is given using number id, do we enter normal names directly there? like pixelmon:mine_badge instead of 1

Yes those two things are outdated.

I am making a Wiki for the sponge version today.
The plugin uses the built in Permissions system, don’t forget you can just add a leader /pixelgym addleader gym# which is automated.

The Badge Items are like you mention.
Let me know if you have any issues or not with Pixelmon Items registering as an Item Type. Though it shouldn’t!

Thanks for using the plugin. If you have any suggestions then let me know!

Yeah the badges are working perfect :smiley: Loving it
/pixelgym addleader never seemed to work for me first few tries gave output saying worked but never added the permission nodes or added to the group specified in config then later just stopped giving any output
I gave the permission nodes manually which worked
I have the plugin setup now with basic Gyms working and this feels awesome :smiley:
Gym Status Signs works great too just in line two which it should say Open in green color and closed in red, it actually says “greenOpen”, “redClosed”
The /gym addtm command didnt give any output either, thought of adding the ID’s manully in extras.yml but since didn’t have an example, did not mess with it

I got 3 :stuck_out_tongue:
First is allowing to configure if to enable previous gym needed to be beaten in queue system, we had random order before this so players might argue a lil there
Second is being able to use the Gym name rather than the number like /gym join Rock rather than /gym join gym1, this is cause players forget which gym is which number. Did create and info file in nucleus specifying that so hopefully they read that
And third is being able to hand out automatically physical badges cause some tend to collect them in a wall not sure if /gym addtm can add items other than tms if it can then awesome will be looking forward to that bing fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course all these are suggestions, if you like them then great if not then thats fine too :smiley:
Thank you for this awesome Plugin, so Excited for gyms to finally be up on the server :smiley:

Forgive my English not my native language

Getting the following error after installing PixelmonGym

Using spongeforge-1.10.2-2221-5.2.0-BETA-2223

Can you paste your config via pastebin? May be a format issue in the config.

I just checked the config and it seems it copied a config of another plugin i’m using

Here’s the config.yml from the pixelgym folder, very strange, is the example config you provide still updated? I could try that one to see if that fixes the issue.

What the heck… lol

Try delete the config.yml, and then restart the server?
Do you have other files like data.yml, logs.yml, extras.yml etc…?

Otherwise copy and paste this into config.yml:

I’ve tried deleting the server and restarting the config, and it generates that same config after the restart.

It also generates a badges.yml, data.yml, extras.yml, logs.yml and signs.yml

the badges, data and logs.yml have ‘null’ inside of them, the extras.yml has ‘{prestige_pay: 1000}’ inside of it and the signs.yml is completely empty.

I’ll try the config you’ve included right now.

Edit: I’ve just tried the config you’ve included, the plugin works now, thanks!

No problem! If you want, download the little fix build I just posted via the download link.

States the known Issues too.

Just posted an update with a fix of the signs and your suggestion about not doing gyms in order + the known issues.
Read the “New:” section on the easiest way to use the new feature by adding that value/string to the config.

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Will do, thanks for the great support and plugin. Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Wow that was super fast Thanks :smiley: will update now
also where is this new section? I don’t see it anywhere in the bukkit website

Manually added the gymrequire at the top in config

Edit: oh you meant in the Github releases page

Yeah lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway you share an extras.yml file from bukkit version or something which has tms added? could use that as an example to manaully add tms/badges