PL! I find a problem!

Sorry,I don’t know speak English.
SO,Please use Google translate.hahaha~
SO,I can’t play the “shincolle mod” and “minecolonies mod”,because they are Stop working in the server.
Who can help me???

That sounds like you have a short entity activation range setting. It defaults to a range of 32 blocks.
Have you changed any of the entity-activation-range settings in the sponge.conf files?

Yes,the monster changed 48.maybe I should change 64 for moster?

Hi,friend,can I speak Chinese?My English test is so bad!

You can try using Chinese, but I cannot guarantee that the translations will be acceptable. Google translate sometimes produces … interesting results.

Try turning the entity activation range feature off in the config. file, and see if that improves performance.

The entity activation range is “auto-populate=false”
Maybe you can see the config.

entity-activation-range {

If enabled, newly discovered entities will be added to this config with a default value.


Default activation ranges used for all entities unless overidden.

defaults {

Per-mod overrides. Refer to the minecraft default mod for example.

mods {}
entity-collisions {

If enabled, newly discovered entities/blocks will be added to this config with a default value.


Default max collisions used for all entities/blocks unless overidden.

defaults {

Actually, you can turn off the entity-activation range feature completely.
Look further up in the file, under the heading “Modules” and set entity-activation-range to false.

thanks,let me try again