Player Status Signs?

I’ve previously used the bukkit plugin “Status Sign”, but now I can’t seem to find a replacement. The sign would display if a player is Online (in the server). If they’re offline, it lists the last time they logged in. A link to the original bukkit plugin is below.

Thanks in advance.

Such a plugin has to work on a per-player basis (each player sees a different text). Sponge doesn’t support this natively yet, the keyword to look for is ContextualData, a PR can be found here.

There are other ways to achieve that though: With NMS directly (that’s probably how the Bukkit plugin did it), or with some nice plugins like PacketGate (though I don’t know how up-to-data that is).

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wat? The sign displays the information of one player, which is consistent information meaning each player sees the same sign.

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Uh, misunderstood that, sorry :confused:

Thanks for the correction.

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