PlayerBlockBreakEvent no longer implemented?

I was attempting to use the PlayerBlockBreakEvent, but the event seems not be implemented. When I run the code I get a ClassNotFound error. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Is this event not implemented yet? Is the PlayerHarvestBlockEvent a valid alternative?

Harvest block only applies to the stuff like wheat and carrots…

PBBE class is squarely there in the spongeapi files, but yeah, i too had it just up and disappear from being usable.
Hoping it is temporary, could not see any viable alternative work either (Human/Entity breakblockevent) when tried either.

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I just got the harvest block event to fire when I broke a piece of andesite! There may be hope! However, I do wish that the BreakBlockEvent worked still.

It’s called PlayerBreakBlockEvent

Note that due to this inconsistent event naming, Zidane is refactoring some of the names, see

The issue is that in the IDE, only “PlayerBlockBreakEvent” can be imported, yet crashes the server with NoClassDefFound error

PlayerBreakBlockEvent” is a non-importable thing Build 570

OK I see what’s happened.
The current latest 2.1-SNAPSHOT (build 158) is actually built from the event name changes mistakenly.
TEMPORARILY set your dependency to the previous build, 2.1-20150812.024831-157 and refresh.
In gradle, it should look like: compile 'org.spongepowered:spongeapi:2.1-20150812.024831-157'
When the next commit to master at SpongeAPI is pushed, change it back to 2.1-SNAPSHOT

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@lukegb Has forced a clean build for the API in the maven repo so the 2.1-SNAPSHOT should be fine again.
Make sure you refresh dependencies to fetch the new build.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a shot!