Hello there.

I was wondering if there isn’t an event handling the login of a player. Sure, there is a PlayerJoinEvent, but you cannot prevent the login itself, using methods like

event.disallow(PlayerLoginEvent.Result.KICK_OTHER, "nope...");

rip bukkit

It should be quite usefull for more complex whitelist systems with different member states etc.

Just wanted to ask before opening reduntant requests :slight_smile:

This is planned:

Just kick them when they join?

That was fast, thanks!

@WetSponge yes, that will remove the player, but technically the player was already on this server and I want to prevent this with respect to other mods listening for joining players. In addition, other players would see a “xyz left” message… all in all, the JoinEvent is not sufficient

Thanks again

In that case, see @boformer 's post.