PlayerMoveEvent, Subcommands,OfflinePlayer and drawing on maps questions

PlayerMoveEvent doesn’t seem to work, at least it doesn’t get called in the latest 3 dev builds of Sponge. Is this intended behaviour (for now ofc)?

When i follow this documentation about subcommands, i have the problem that i can’t call just /mail. Is this intended? If so, how can i make this work?

I want to get some information about players that are offline, is there any built-in way to get a Player instance for an offline player?

Is there any way to draw on maps?

These are the 4 points i couldn’t figure out with the forums or documentation.

PlayerMoveEvent is not yet implemented.

There is an interface, User, that represents a player’s data. There’s currently not a way to get a user, however an API proposal has been made

A map API has been proposed,

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Ok, evereything got answered except this one.

I thank you very much for helping and providing useful links to observe the progress.

That’s because I don’t know much about the commands API. I’ve pinged @zml on IRC (he made the commands API), hopefully he or someone more knowledgeable on commands can give you an answer.

Edit: There’s an open issue for this

PlayerMoveEvent PlayerChatEvent (is what I was thinking about) is implemented. How about you paste your entire code regarding that class, and where it’s registered?

You have to set the executor of the parent command:
``CommandSpec mailCmd = CommandSpec.builder()

Quoting from zml in IRC,

My entire code is located here:

I registered the PlayerMoveEvent in for testing, it isn’t pushed since it’s working. But it would be definetly registered, as all other events get called.

AFAIK i set an executor for the root/parent command, i will try again later as i am going to bed now.

Event after some research and crawling the source code, i found no way to mark it optional, i will try what boformer suggested.