Players able to open chests and break blocks inside of other players plots - GriefPrevention

Hi! Can someone help me with grief prevention permissions? I am not sure what to change to make it so other players can’t break blocks and open others chests while inside claims they don’t own. Can someone help me out please? Thanks!

These are the permissions for grief prevention

However you may have noticed that there isnt any permission for allowing owners to modify just there own claims. This is because what your after is flags

in paticular the following two flags


You can change the default flags with the ui that is activated with the command


You will probably need to change the flags of the currently created areas as they would had been made with the default flags at the point of the creation. Not sure if the changes to defaults apply after

How are you still on griefprevention? it’s no longer supported. everyone’s moved to griefdefender.

GeiefPrevention is a house hold name which is still supported on Bukkit and the Sponge edition is up to date on sponge. If your new to sponge and look at threads you wont find many about grief defender, just grief prevention. So those people will automatically drift towards grief prevention.

Its like your mobile phone manufacturers. Despite Apple and Samsung not being the only phone manufacturers. People drift towards those phones because if you look at support threads (and general word of mouth) people only say those two phone manufacturers even though there are phone manufacturers that I personally think are better such as Pixel, Nokia, OnePlus, etc.

Not to mention not everyone looks at there plugins and if they are no longer supported every day, week, or month. They maybe happy with what they have and as long as thats not a problem to them or any of there users then its fine.

That makes sense lol. When you join the Sponge Griefprevention discord, it’ll only tell you that it’s no longer supported and redirect you to GD. Might be easier to migrate to be honest. Their discord can provide support too, but yeah it’s all up to him anyway. Just a suggestion.