Players getting kicked on death

Hello guys, im experiencing a weid bug, everytime a player dies he gets disconnected from the server.

Minecraft: 1.10.2
SpongeAPI: 5.1.0-cf4dfb1
SpongeForge: 1.10.2-2221-5.1.0-BETA-2208
Minecraft Forge:

Plugins (28): Minecraft, Minecraft Coder Pack, Forge Mod Loader, Minecraft Forge, SpongeAPI, SpongeForge, Buycraft, Easy Scoreboards, EconomyLite, NuVotifier, Enjin Minecraft Plugin, FoxCore, FoxGuard, GriefPrevention, Pixelmon, HyperModBanner, LuckPerms, mercurius_updater, MineReset, Nucleus, Pixel Auction, Pixel Extras, PixelmonEconomyBridge, Pixel Shout, PokexpMultiplier, SpawnOfPsyduck, Wondertrade, WorldEdit

Disnnection message: The server you were previously on went down…
But the servers still up only he gets kicked

Logs error:

Can you upload your latest.log, fml-server-latest.log, and tell us the message that the player sees?

The message player sees is “The server you were previously on went down, you have been disconnected to a fallback server”

I cant paste full logs, as exceeds the limit on pastebin
[19:34:25] [Server thread/INFO]: MrGFresh died
[19:34:28] [Server thread/INFO]: MrGFresh lost connection: Internal Exception: Error while read(…): Connection reset by peer

Try If that doesn’t work, just paste as much as you can.

Are you able to get the latest.log and fml-client-latest.log from the crashing player (as well as any crash reports that are generated?) Also, does this crash happen on every death?

fml log: gist:52e0f77e7f3e18d9cd0c6c37a76e3709 · GitHub
lattest log: gist:ffebef9981308826d8baa0be072bf62c · GitHub

Theres no craft report when players dies
And yes every players gets kicked on every death

Those logs are from the server. Can you get me the fml-client-latest.log and latest.log from a crashing player? I’m almost cetain that the client is crashing in some way.

I dont have the fml-client log, only server

fml-client-latest.log should be located in the .minecraft/logs folder of the disconnecting player’s computer

@dualspiral this can be nucleus issue?

That log unfortunately doesn’t appear to be from when the crash occured. the next time a user disconnects, have them upload their fml-client-latest.log, as well as their fml-client-1.log, fml-client-2.log, and fml-client-3.log