Players unable to completly join


So i am in trouble, players can join but then instantly get kicked and i don’t know why.

Here is the complete fml-latest:

and latest log:


Looks like a problem with TotalEconomy, try removing it.


hmm i’l try but i only disabled jobs and salary >_<


you’re using an illegal fork of Pixelmon, expect there to be issues with official side-mods, although this is likely due to a change in the Economy API


well it was working till i changed the way shop keepers work i have had issues with the original pixelmon mod about shop keepers tho but i have done some googling and watched a bunch of videos to get a understanding about them more and wanted to try them out now, i am replacing stuff now except total econom which i’l just leave re-placing itself for now all i can do is wait