Players with logout position in a disabled/deleted world?

I’ve got two quick questions:

  1. What happens to a Player that logged out in a world that gets deleted/disabled? Where does he spawn? (At spawn/bed?)

  2. Can you get an offline players location? And can you change it? The User class does not contain any getLocation() methods…

It will send them to the overworld. Here’s the code

Ok! Thanks. Does this create a DisplaceEntityEvent.Teleport.TargetPlayer or similair? If yes what does the getFromTransform().getWorld() method return? ^^

Edit: I finally want to change, where exactly a player gets teleported to, in this case…

It won’t fire the event. Instead, you can listen to ClientConnectionEvent.Login and get/set the transform although I don’t think it’s possible to know if the player’s location was changed due to a missing world.

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