PlayerShopsRPG - A region-based player shop plugin


Yes, take a look at the shop set unlimited command:


A new version has been released for PlayerShopsRPG, it is available for download here.

I Said Force!

Release v2.1.1

Minecraft 1.12.2 - Tested on spongeforge-1.12.2-2705-7.1.0-BETA-3374


  • Fix bug where shops destroyed via the force option would return upon server restart
  • Non-breaking change to the way shop items are serialized to the database


  • There appears to be a bug with sponge where items with custom data manipulators attached are not correctly deserialized from the database upon server restart. You can follow this issue here. Until this issue is resolved, items with custom metadata attached will not correctly load upon server restart.



Hi, are you able to have this fixed in near term?

The fact that Buy and Sell text of diamond block is under-lapping text above.

Hope it can be done, considering this for a server.


This isn’t really a bug, the issue here is that the line of text is too long. The only way this could be fixed is trimming some of the content of the line somehow.


I did a /shop select and I couldn’t do anything because it was asking me to make a selection… how do you cancel a /shop select???


From the docs:

/shop select [cuboid|clear]

Selects a region to create a shop, you can optionally specify a selection type, currently only cuboid region selections are supported otherwise select with default to cuboid . You can also clear your selection by executing /shop select clear .

So try /shop select clear :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, I love this plugin and use it on my rpg server but I recently tried to update to 1.12.2-2838 from 2768 and when I do the database fails. Oddly it changes size from 120kb to 60kb and none of the commands like /shop select work although the plugin shows as working in the console and gives no errors.
I am using your latest version 2.1.1

Could you help out please? c: