Please delete my account

I’d like to have my account on the forum and on ore to be deleted please. In my opinion this should just be an option in the user settings, but I digress.

It is not a feature of the regular account options because currently a couple of our applications like ore require some manual changes before an account can be deleted. Speaking of which:

  • have you anytime in the past published to Ore?

I have, but the plugin I published mysteriously returns 404 when opened now. My guess is that it didn’t conform to spongepowered’s guidelines against allowing plugins for cracked servers. (I stated that the plugin would also work with cracked servers)

Hmm, can you please let me know what the name was…?

I’ll check to see if it’s still in the database or what happened, and then make sure it’s fully deleted there first if you want your account deleted.

In my dashboard it shows a lock icon with the tooltip “protection”, but I don’t remember ever applying any protection to it and not even I can view it.

Oh, I am actually stupid. I checked the source code (of ore) and this is just the category it is in.

Lol yeah - it looks like it related to not accepting the new ToS or something… Depending on how long your account has been around, it may have never been accepted I guess.

Do you still want your account deleted, or did you just want to figure out what’s going on with that upload?

I did accept it when I was asked yesterday. At least that’s what I remember. Could’ve been some other service.

Any updates on this? It’s been a week :slight_smile:

I still want my account to be deleted.


sorry for this taking so long. Should be delete in the next few days.