plugin are not going to help me


Good evening everyone, it turns out that I am currently on a project of private server (server with friends and members) but I face the problems of plug-in Bukkit and Spigot, because I’m on sponge, I’m looking for possible a person able to help me in this project (especially to solve this problem) I would speak details in voice :slight_smile: good evening to all!


I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking here. Would you be a little more specific? If you’re asking if you can get Bukkit/ Spigiot plugins to work on Sponge, that is not possible. You can find most plugins via Ore (, or you can also find some on the “Plugin Releases” under “Plugins” on this forum.

Feel free to ask us anything on here, just be clear about what you’re asking for :slight_smile:

~ Alice


Just to build on @yepidoodles statement. While it is true you cannot run bukkit/spigot on Sponge you can however port/recreate the original plugin to Sponge (if you have the original authors permission)