Plugin developer for hire!

I want to pay someone to make the Bukkit plugin Skript work on Sponge, I don’t care how.

“Why not use Pore or PoreRT?” Both plugins were discontinued and Pore never got very far. PoreRT does load Skript, but only on 1.11 versions. I need Skript on 1.10.2 for use with a Pixelmon server.

“Why not learn Java and just code the plugin yourself?” I’ve tried. I don’t have the patience to learn Java programming. I’ve made about 7 attempts.

Options for you, potential plugin coder:
Somehow get PoreRT to load Skript on 1.10.2. (PoreRT build number #112 is the only one that loads Skript, so that version would have to be downgraded to 1.10.2)

Use whatever Java sorcery magic you have to in order to get Skript to load on Sponge.

Price, and how payment will be sent?
I’m a poor bloke and I really don’t know what a good offer is to pay someone for such work, so my initial offer of payment is $100.00 USD.
When the work is finished, I’ll request screenshot proof of it in use. I will send you a Skript file to load into the server and request a screenshot of that coding file being used, to ensure that Skript not only loads, but the features that Skript adds loads as well. Then, I’ll send $50.00 via PayPal and request the plugin be sent to me. The other $50.00 will be sent also via PayPal as soon as I receive the plugin. Screenshots of the transaction being sent from me to you will be taken, both for my protection and yours as well.

Routine communication via any platform of your choosing (Skype, Discord, email, text message if you are located in the United States, social media) will be appreciated, but not required. I like to be kept updated on progress is all.


Should probably post this here instead.

Much appreciated!