Plugin for tablist and vote rewards

I’m looking for plugin like “Tablist” bukkit and vote rewards

For tablist there is a very good plugin like ⚙ UltimateCore - The Best Essentials Plugin! (API 7, MC 1.12) even if it’s temp abandoned it works really well with api 5 and 6 for the vote reward I personally use [Discontinued] SimpleVotifierListener [v0.6.5] but I don’t know if it works even with api 7

@outside64 I’m using Nucleus atm, wouldnt it be a problem? Btw i’ve v1.12 FTB Revelation server

Releases · randombyte-developer/TabManager · GitHub for tablist

Release Correction of 1.0.9 · Mineaurion/AurionVoteListener · GitHub for vote rewards
serious-nuvotifier-universal-API7-2.3.5.jar - Google Drive you’ll need this votifier

Note these are for api 7

I looked into the nucleus docs and I don’t think they have a tablist module, for 1.12 api 7 you can try this for the vote-reward plugin :shipit: SeriousVote 4.8.4 ―Your one stop Votifier Listener API 5/6/7 amd for the tab list I didn’t found anything for api 7, so try ultimatecore disableing all modules a part the tablist one, or try with this Tab Manager [API 5/6/7] [v 1.0.4/v 2.1.3] - Customize your tab list even if this one didn’t have a api 7 build.

So here is my problem this plugin counts [U] and color codes as characters so that’s why when someone join with long name to game it kicks everyone from game and crashes the server because minecraft accept longest 16character name

Is that tabmanager? If yes i understand the issue, I had it too with that plugin and that was the reason I passed to ultimatecore,this one don’t have that issue, I remember I talk with the author exactly to solve that problem.

So how can i solve it?

there should be an option in the config file, go in modules/tablist.cong and edit this