Plugin Help?

Hey I’m sorry if this is the Wrong Area for that Question but I need help with some Plugins and I need some Plugins for my Server.

First thing is that I really don’t know how can I make a “good” Spawn. I Can setup the Spawn with a Spawn Protection out of my Server Configuration but that’s stupid because you can’t open a door. If I set this up as a claim with the GriefPrevention plugin, you can’t close the door either. I was also looking for a plugin that was similar to the “LWC” plugin but this could not be found for the Sponge version 7.1.0

Can someone help me with that maybe?

In grief prevention there is are two region flag you can apply that will allow you to interact with things (including doors). These two flags are

  • interact-block-primary
  • interact-block-secondary

As for LWC, back before LWC on bukkit there was a plugin called Lockette (not sure if its still around on the bukkit platform) but it did the same as LWC just with Signs instead of commands.

Here are some of the versions for sponge

There is also this plugin that seems more in line with LWC.

As for the topic. The plugin requests topic is for requesting a small plugin to be made. I personally would have put this in “plugin discussion”