Plugin Idea: Better Server Rules, Quizzes, Zone Messages - Using the new Title API

I want to make a plugin that utilizes the Title API to display important information:

  • Server Welcome Messages and Rules
  • Quiz for new players
  • Notifications (Server Mail, News)
  • Zone Messages (Entering ‘Bla bla forest’)

I want to support as many other plugins as possible. The core functionality that works without third-party plugins is underlined.



You could do all of this in vannila 1.8 exept for commands you could use scoreboard values for a clock and testfor a players coords to see where they were but commands would be a plugin i accually have this on one of my testing servers connected to my bungeecord

Very good idea tho! and i would love to see a plugin like this since the titles took me 5 hours+

Good idea. I believe it’s possible on Spigot with the 1.8 protocol patch for only 1.8 clients.

The second screenshot is a must.



I would like to see cool downs shown like the 2nd picture =D

cooldowns… Agreed But 1st and 4 should not be excluded

I actually kinda like the idea of the first, and fourth ones. Though I agree the cooldowns would be really nice.

Ooohh, yes. I will love seeing servers use the new title features. As long as owners don’t spam it (though, if it’s a quality server, I’m sure they will consider its appropiate use.)

I support devs who are up to use this new feature.

As long as servers don’t have “DONATE FOR VIP+ TO REMOVE THIS MESSAGE!!!”, then this will be great.


Then again, I’m pretty sure that would go against the new EULA

It does, but I have not really seen any servers (besides some of the most popular hub servers) modify their server to comply with the EULA.

If @sk89q is going to continue WorldEdit, then Zone Titles might be added to it.

You mean Worldguard? It could also be done by an extension.

As far as I know, WorldEdit and World Guard are different plugins, but both made by sk89q.

I don’t care if they do so, I’d just make my client block that message.

So what? You’re a developer and can do that. 99% of Minecraft players do not know a single thing about modding.

I’d like to know where you found the statistics, telling that 99% of the mc community doesn’t now modding.

In fact many, many people (that I know) just learned Java for the sake of modding Minecraft.

And, if there actually was a problem with servers spamming client’s screens, I would release the mod to the public… (even though it’s really, really not hard to code such a mod)

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Zone messages can be useful if there are only a few large zones. Right now many plugins spam the chat for zone messages, that’s not better.