Plugin Idea: command Block editing for NON-OP players

Currently, theres a plugin for bukkit 1.7.2 and also for 1.5.2 that do this.

As far as I can find though… there dosnt apper to be anything else out there that does this.

The idea is to make it possible for NON-OP’d players to be able to Edit command_blocks.
also, it would be good to be able to Whitelist or Blacklist certain commands.
or Items from being summoned.

For instance,… there allowed to summon almost anything…except… a minecraftcarft with command-Block in it.
or there not allowed to use the fill or replace commands maybe.?

or maybe not allowed to use certain data tags?
to be able to place them, name them, edit them.
With all the changes to the coding system, it would be good if they could add longer codeing than what chat allows.

The reason Im looking for something like this is I want to be able to work with some map makers and coders to
creat some adventure maps. But, maybe some I don’t trust so much. so I would like to be able to let them
access command blocks and edit them… but… NOT give them OP status on the server.

I think its kinda a Niche plugin that would be useful only for map makers.

I want to be able to collaborate with various map makers. but… I have trust issues since I’ve had someone come on to help me… and greifed the world…

they created a command block with /gamemode adventure @hooptiecoupe on it… right at spawn while I was offline.
then, they walled in spawn… so I couldn’t leave the area. everytime I changed to creative, or spectator, or survival, it would put me right back in adventure.

It was easy to fix. I just had to turn of command blocks in the server file. …

but… it took me about 5 hours of digging and searching to find that command block he hid.
It almost ruined an adventure map I had spent about 3 months messing with.

Mind you, me and him are not friends now. that was a really long Troll he did basically.

I would like to keep that from happening in the future. so that only longtime TRUSTED players would be able to
access and edit ceratin commands in the command_blocks.

Im def. willing to donate for this plugin to be made by someone. and have have a server that this can be tested out on once sponge 1.8 is released for servers

that’s actually a really easy plugin to make.

however its kinda hard to do that considering that the command block implementations weren’t exactly right on bukkit, and practically dead on spigot1.8 (i tried on a really early version, like release-day version, so that might be changed), so i can’t say for certain if sponge would be able to do it right. if anything i suggest making backups of that map of yours so things like that can easily be restored from.

again, really easy plugin to make so someone’s gonna be able to do it .w.

maybe its something that could actually add INTO spigot or sponge as a feature in the API itself.

Im looking to get a plugin in like this for 1.8 because Im working on doing a map hosting service.
currently I have a system im working on for 1.7.2

It would allow map makers to “park” there maps on my server. … ruffly about 8-10 maps per world.
Meaning, that all the map makers would simply split the cost of the server. I’d like to be able to offer map makers
the abilty to work on command blocks with other coders and map makers too.

It would be a way for the community to start collaborating easier on maps and projects.

I’d use world edit, and some basic essenitals plugins to get around. but… this would be a CORE mod I need.
Im using the safe command Block mod for 1.7.2 and its working well.
That’s why I say its prob. a niche plugin. but. a very valueable plugin still for map makers to use.

An API doesn’t has to provide feactures. I would be realy suprised if they would do something like this.

keep in mind that an API’s primary purpose is to allow access and changes to things included only in the base game. the API won’t be serving any purpose other than that, and with that in mind, neither will the implementation. things that aren’t fully necessary like bloat features that only clutter the API and don’t have a real use other than for a specific plugin won’t be included.

tl;dr command blocks in the base game only care about the command inside the block and their execution, nothing else. so as such, the same will go for the API and the implementation.

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But doesn’t Spigot provide a few features, such as arrow-despawning or optimizations?
I’m not saying to compare this to that, but I’m saying this is an issue that only OPs in GMC can edit them and it could be addressed by Sponge

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Or a Plugin / Server mod. All you need to do is intercept the blocks modification and see who tried to modify it.

Spigot isn’t an API ;). Spigot is a bukkit (+ spigotAPI) distribution. Sponge will be a forge mod that implements the spongeAPI. As far as I concern features have to come from plugins.

Also you forgot something. When sponge comes out as a forge mod. Your server will be able to support 2 powerful API’s. Forge and sponge. Sponge will provide basic vanilla (event driven) add-ons. While forge can provide optimization mods. All these optimizations that everyone tries to get in to sponge can be provided by forge-mods. Examples: antixray, packetAPI(maby in combination with sponge), forgespongebridge (pretty sure someone will made this), Better chunkload methods, other ways to load the chunks from the disk,… . The options are basically endless. Hopefully sponge forums will have a category for these “mods” when the time is ready :smile:.

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All good points.

Its def. much better to keep the API clean to allow modders and plugin makers to read the code and use it better.
I really hope someone can help make a plugin like this.

I use safecommandblocks in current testing on my 1.7.9 server. It works well with only a few hiccups cause it was priamlary for 1.7.2.

Namely, i want to be able to work with people Without having to give them OP. Theres been problems with this in the past. plus, the fun thing about the safecommand block plugin is that it shows up in the console who did what command
and what location. Its very nice, cause if theres any commandblock greifing… i can just look and console…
turn off command blocks in the serveroptions, and tp out there and destory the block causeing issues.
Thats why i really would love to have something like this, and im able to track down command block useage better.
to help correct mistakes people make or greif people do when working with various ones on making maps and adventures.

Its def. really exciting to be able to easily add mods or plugins to the server.

really stinks that cauldron had to close down though.

It would be even cooler if this plugin could save the player that placed a command block, then execute the command block with their permissions, whatever those may be. The trickiest part would probably be making sure that if a command block placed a command block/command block minecart/chest full of command blocks/command block mine cart spawner/chest full of command block mine cart spawners/minecart chest full of command block spawner mine cart spawners spawners… would have the username passed along.

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