Plugin is causing crash why?

so here is the crash report…i know it’s this plugin but up till beta it was working just fine…the hell happened and how do fix it?

It looks like the plugin hasn’t been refactored for Text API v3

You need to update and recompile your plugin on SpongeAPI 3.0.0

…ok and how do i do that?

You need to change your dependency to use 3.0.0. in Gradle, it’s simply org.spongepowered:spongeapi:3.0.0, you can also do this in Maven too.
Once you’ve done that, update/refresh your workspace so that it pulls the 3.0.0 API and make any changes necessary so your plugin compiles again

ok done…and what is Texts.of replaced with nowj?

Text.of(). It was moved into the Text class

…and TextFormat?

TextFormat has stayed.
To see all the changes made for Text API III, refer to this commit:

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Ok now i’ve got all the errors removed however when i try to complie i get this error [here] (

You’ve got a malformed pom.xml

[ERROR] [ERROR] Some problems were encountered while processing the POMs:
[ERROR] Malformed POM C:\Users\Christopher\Desktop\ePortfolio\HellOnSponge\pom.xml: expected START_TAG or END_TAG not TEXT (position: TEXT seen ...<dependency>a\r\n        <g... @26:11)  @ C:\Users\Christopher\Desktop\ePortfolio\HellOnSponge\pom.xml, line 26, column 11

Make sure it’s valid XML.

here’s the pom…here

Line 25

    <dependency>a <------ INVALID CHARACTER

says it’s not start_tag or end tag not text in line 26 were the dependancy of group id starts for sponge…but for the life of me i’m confused…
…you’ve got to be kidding me…thanks @simon816

What happened to TextBuilder?
Nvm. Its Text.Builder now.

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