Plugin like mychunk!

Hello there ! i see there are some plugin with region claim like Polis, RedProtect or Foxguard ^^

But i need 1 thing and im not sure the plugin i must take

I want (if possible) this :
Region protect like foxguard

Players can claim a chunk with a command only in world i choose, and the number of claim can be set by permission
Exemple :
chunk.claim.1 for rank “defaut”
Normal player can have 1 claim and he can claim him-self with /claim or /plugin claim

chunk.claim.2 for rank “vip”
Vip player can have 2 claim and he can claim him-self same as normal player

You think its possible ?

thanks ! <3

small up plz ? ^^

I’m working on a plugin called LandProtect which might be what you’re looking for, it doesn’t have region protection like foxguard but i do have player claiming which you can limit with permissions and i’m soon planning on adding multi-world support

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Okay so i just need To use foxguard and Your plugin thanks i will test it :3