Plugin or way of pre-generating world?

Can someone recommend a plugin or mod that will pre-generate the world?
And a couple questions:
Can I do it on a live server?
Is it CPU intensive or ram intensive? I may download it and generate on my computer instead.

There are a couple of options available but they all use the same method.

My plugin Project Worlds has a fill command that will pre generate chunks in a defined radius around spawn

Also my other plugin Project Borders can generate chunks within the configured border

There is also a chunk pre generate plugin somewhere but can’t seem to find it.

Results seem to vary from server to server, You can run it live however I wouldn’t recommend running this with a bunch of players logged in. There’s been reports of issues with chunks not unloading when generating, causing a great deal of Entity lag and possible server crashes.

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No wonder @TrenTech couldn’t find the other link… it appears to be buried in another thread:

I’m not sure if it’s even up to date though… probably best to use the ones listed above

Nucleus also has a /world border gen command that would Pregenerate your world.