Plugin organization is important and would help others finding them

I checked other topics ,but they didn’t seem to touch on plugin organization much at all.
First would it be better to just have the name of the plugin for the topic just to condense some things.

We could also have a way to sort it into categories alphabetical,reply,creation,api, and last modified for basic comparison with multiple tick boxes and what order you want it to sort them in.

Sort by api first and alphabetical second or last modified to check if a new build for a plugin has arrived would be such a nice function.

It would be critical to have a mouseover for a plugin saying something like tested on this build, for example, spongevanilla and spongeforge along with version number of course.

Tags could be created just some basic ones nothing extravagant, for example, all in one,world manager,region manager,permissions manager,world generator, and gameplay editor/physics to be included in the mouse just 2 or 3 tags if multiple are required.
Searching also for these tags in a preset page with a drop down menu would be awesome.

Also on the plugin page itself make it somehow required to post all the permissions the plugin requires in maybe a pastebin for easier copy and paste or something similar to make easier on all of us.

Pasting permissions in notepad++ goes alot faster when you can do it all in one go.

These are just the tip of iceberg for something more user friendly.
I hope i contributed in a constructive way as i really like sponge.

Well the Plugin Releases category is kinda provisorical anyway since it will be replaced with Ore soon(ish). Ore will most likely have most of the things you have suggested implemented (or at least I hope so ^^)

There is currently a project under development called Ore. It is where all plugins will be hosted in the future (As soon as Ore is complete). It already contains some of the suggestions you made.

Edit: @5tingr4y beat me to it!

Thanks for the link as i have been looking for something like that ,but i was always led to the forum Ore. This ore seems different although it doesn’t like firefox too much.
It does have the categories to start the process hopefully the rest will fall in place.