Plugin release category in sponge forums

can one of the sponge team members make a forums section called “plugin releases”
only posts containing download links for sponge plugins are allowed there


This would quite neatly fall under the purview of “Plugin Development”.

I do see plugin dev as more of a coding help one verses a plugin advertising / plugin release one. Perhaps a temporary category should be made pending the release of ore just to keep things neat?

That was the plan last time I checked. I know @mbaxter can confirm

Agreed. Until Ore is working, it’d be useful to have a temporary alternative place to put plugin releases.

I’ve set up a new Plugin Releases category here:

More info regarding rules/policies will be posted later, but for now, simply post your plugins there.


I guess now theres a need for ore to be developed, right @gratimax?

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Yes, let me develop it right now. Be back in a minute.


I thought ore is already supported in sponge? It can be mined and smelted fine.


Hold my beer. brb in a minute :stuck_out_tongue:

People, remember that gratimax is developing Ore and he’s involved in the process of getting a unified design for Things take some time… :wink:


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yay now i can say that someone from the sponge team likes my suggestions :smile:

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