Plugin release system?

Most of us all know and remember the all so loved BukkitDev plugin release system,

Now my question is, when the API for sponge is finished and plugins are under development, are we going to do the old way from Bukkit where we just posted as a forum post?

There isn’t a forum section for released plugins, so am I correct to assume that the large amount of Sponge staff are currently working on releasing something like BukkitDev but as their own?

Project is still new, but I bet, plugins will return!

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Not exactly what I meant, but something is something.

come to IRC EsperNet Web IRC (The Lounge)

As a former plugin developer at bukkit, I am glad to see the Sponge team working so hard! would like to know what services the sponge team will provide developers in terms of plugin project webpages and API/docs (Luckily for me, most of my plugin is not tangled up with bukkit API). I am curious however, where I would look to find out what I need to make my plugin compatible with sponge.

Discussed several times on IRC …
As I know the bukget people are on board of sponge :wink:
Also some people has the idea of soak, see

Soak sounds like a great plugin distribution system, it would streamline server operations ten-fold.

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I believe an alternate to BukkitDev is in planning by the Sponge Team.

  • Downloads (of plugins):
  • Plugins and authors get their own page they can link to
    • Top developers (?)
  • Official versioning and naming guidelines (v.1.0.2-git+012abcdef)
  • Ticket/issue system - to start, can just link offsite to GitHub Issues or similar
  • Community votes on plugin usefulness
    • pmc diamonds style?
    • ‘Downvotes’, or bad ratings can discourage the author :frowning: further development
    • Rewards for building awesome/popular plugins?
      • Cannot be bought/bribed!
      • Needs discussion
  • Plugin tagging/categorization
  • Good search features
    • Default sorted by popularity and recent updates
  • RSS feed people can subscribe to (and server autoupdaters! (ew))
  • Strict approval guidelines and moderation
  • Team “Verified” status for plugins built by the Sponge jenkins/travisDownloads (of plugins)

More details are available on the WebDoc Google Doc (as well as the details for the planned plugin approval process):


Love the idea of Soak, it makes sense to have something like that available.

Soak is a great project, but it isn’t official, at least not at the moment. If I were the project leaders I’d put the Sponge Stamp of Approval™ on it, as they seem to have stuff quite in hand. But I’m not the sponge project leaders, so I can’t put the Sponge Stamp of Approval™ on it.

Oh and BTW, soak isn’t just 1 project, there’s

  • Soak - Sponge plugin for installation of plugins
  • Cistern - WebInterface (similar to BukkitDev pages)
  • Aquifer- Repository (file storage)
    but they’re all called soak for simplicity reasons.

@SteveMcGrath of Bukget is on the team and going to help with a plugin repository system, unrelated to Soak.

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Glad to hear. (:

My stand is: bukget people implement a system for Sponge …
but we must wait on an official statement

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