Plugin requirements for a simple BedWars server

Hello guys,

I wanna help my son take steps into running a minecraft server. And our goal is to run a notebook hosted server for around 4 players with BedWars available. I assume everyone knows what it is? He just loves BedWars as we loved pokemon :grin:

What I think we need:

  • default world (“lobby”)
  • another world/area/server
  • event for minecraft:bed
  • world protection
  • economy/shop

What I think we don’t need yet:

  • queue system (just meet and play)

What we have:

  • SpongeVanilla
  • empty flat world (generator-settings=2;0;1)
  • a shield which currently teleports to the battlefield which doesn’t work :sweat_smile:

Is this too much to ask for? Can you guys give me hints?

Do we need this bungeethingy? Is there a plugin to protect and reset a given area to a “default bedwars map” by command or something?

  1. Sponge does support multieorld, so you only need one server. You can use ProjectWorlds for this. On my (private) minigame server, I handle world resets by creating a template world, then copying it and deleting it after the game finishes.
  2. For world protection, you can just use Minecraft’s adventure game mode (/gamemode 2) or spectator mode (/gamemode 3). Both of them prevent you from modifying the world. Otherwise, adventure is like survival mode, and spectator is like creative mode.

Thanks so far, will try this out.

But unfortunately there were some errors even whilst creating a new world. Searching through the history of Project Worlds the dev @TrenTech always comes up with the note to up- or downgrade SpongForge… I’m using SpongeVanilla!

So do you @JBYoshi use forge or vanilla with Project Worlds?

Not sure what your referring to. ProjectWorlds should work with both SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla.

Can’t fix errors I don’t know about.

Hi, let’s make sure I didn’t made anything wrong here.

  1. start server
    1.1 error
  2. /world create BedWarsMap1 -m pjw:void
  3. /world load BedWarsMap1
    3.1 error “Foriegn world detected”, /world import
  4. /world import BedWarsMap1
    4.1 error “BedWarsMap1 is not a valid world”

Is it my fault? The user? Please no!

I sadly don’t know why, but the commands do work today.
Moved further questions to the Project Worlds discussion.

Thanks guys.