Plugin that sets the pixelmon currency as the currency of the entire server

Hello! I have a lovely minecraft server that is called PixelmonGo. The IP is I was wondering if there were ANY plugins that would let me set the currency that the Pixelmon mod implements as the currency for the entire server with /ia auction commands and normal /money or /balance commands. If there are any plugins that can do this or if anyone could make one for me i would be forever in your debt if you showed me it!


I know nothing of this project, It was the first link in Google but this might be of interest to you


Thank you TrenTech! :slight_smile: If it works i will get back to you on it!

EDIT:Thank you! I figured it out

i should probably make a post about it but iā€™m waiting for a stable Ore to post to

Does anyone happen to have a download of that economy bridge the link doesnt work anymore :frowning:

This is due to the fact that Pixelmon has shut down and due to several people stealing from us and attempting to continue the mod against both our wishes and our Terms of Service none of our official side-mods are available to download, nor will they be again