Plugin that works with permissionsex that allows colored chat

I’m looking for someting along the lines of /textcolor [name] [&4] or [red] with permissions to this command. Is there something similar to this? A plugin that allows a certain players chat to be permanently colored.

Is that something similar to what you’re looking for?

I believe so? Do you use a command to change the colors? I didnt see a command list.

/ccp colour red Redrield
/ccp style bold Redrield
/ccp reset

Note that the player parameter in the first 2 is optional. If there isn’t one, it’ll default to who sent the command.
Any other questions just reply :slight_smile:

fantastic! Thanks a ton!

Oh is it possible to add a permissions to only be able to color your own chat and not others.
Note: My use for this command is for players who donate.