Plugin to Ban blocks and items

Hello, so I have just fully built a new forge sponge server and I want to know is there a plugin that bans blocks like TNT, lava and some modded blocks that can harm my world. I have griefprevention plugin but I don’t think there is a way to ban blocks and items so it would be great if someone can help me with this.

GriefPrevention does offer a way to ban items simply it’s /claimflag block-place minecraft:tnt false override or if you want to display a message you can then do /claimflag block-place minecraft:tnt false override "Banned Item" more information can be found here Flags · MinecraftPortCentral/GriefPrevention Wiki · GitHub Griefprevention does offer a discord for more general support

So when i put the command into the server chat it said that TNT was flagged but when i placed it on the ground it let me place it and it explode but i am the owner of the server with all permissions so does that mean it will work for me and not for anyone else

Well yes if you were to remove all your GriefPrevention admin permission then you can really test but instead of banning the tnt you can disable the explosive. This way player can use the tnt for more decorative block

Ok thanks very much for the help i appreicate it :smile: