Plugin to create command aliases for API ver 8

I could not find a single plugin to create command aliases for API version 8…

Is there someone that could make one? It could be super simple it doesnt matter

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This is a little more complex then just setting a alias onto a pre-existing command as aliases are registered with the command and once the command is registered, it should not be modified (this was one of the big changes in api 8).

With that being said, its not impossible and therefore if no one else wants this, ill take the opportunity to make this plugin.

I will

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That would be awesome!

I was entirely planning on having to hack together a plugin for this even though ive never made a mod before

My main idea is to create aliases yes, but also make it possible to create custom commands, ex: /giveself stone = /give @p minecraft:stone

Not sure if that’s even possible either, but it would be nice.

How would the custom commands work?

Btw ill make the project open source so you can see how it all works and modify it to how you want

Basically what I am thinking is /cmdname = /othercmd and then it just creates that command on server start. When the command is invoked it just references the alias. Ideally we’d want support for complex aliases so we can shorten complex commands into a single one

Ah i see what you mean. Ill see what i can do

Thanks! Permissions shouldnt be needed since it’s just referencing other commands and can use that command’s permission.

If I can help in any way please let me know, I can spin up servers easy

Just a little progress update. Started it last night. Got all the base code in. Adding in commands for alias and then test.

If im happy ill send a github link and then start adding the command mappings (what you called custom commands)

In the example above, /test is a alias for /sponge

It also works with arguments (although the suggestions wont work until you type the first letter of the first argument)

Ill make a edit with the source code when its pushed


Source code:

If you have a Github account and are logged in you can download the plugin by pressing the actions button and then selecting the latest, from there if it was successful you should see a Command Map Plugin text. Click that text and it should download. If the text is not a link, then please make sure you are logged in.

The download will be as a .zip. The plugin file is inside the .zip folder