Plugin to never drop equipment on death

I’m using UniverseGuard 2 in my server, but I think this plugin don’t have support to keep the equipaments after you die…

Dont have support? Do you mean you wish to have a plugin/gamerule to never drop items on death? Or do you mean you having issue with universe guard and plugin/gamerule that disables item drops on death?

Sorry, I meant just a solution. I told I’m using this plugin cause maybe have this possibility, but a truly tried search about it, but any solution is fine, maybe another plugin just to keep the equipament after die :thinking:

Whats wrong with the gamerule? As in the one built into minecraft? You can change the gamerules with the command /gamerule

Oh, now I see. This can help to keep inventory running the comand “/gamerule keepInventory true”.

Thank you @MoseMister :muscle: