Plugin to trim chunks outside of WorldBorder


Does anyone know of a plugin that have the capability to trim / delete chunks that exist outside of a specified world border? The bukkit plugin called “WorldBorder” had this ability.


Have you asked the dev’s of the plugin which you’re using for your current world border for this feature? Seems like a good place to start :slight_smile:

Yes actually, got a “low priority” response.

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I’m wondering if this is better off in Sponge (or, at least, could be considered) because of impl differences. Just because SF and SV store chunks in the Vanilla way, it doesn’t mean, say, Lantern would (it probably does, but for the sake of argument, let’s say not). Then, plugins would have to be implementation aware. If the API had something like World#trim(Vector3i min, Vector3i max) might be a nice way to nudge the server to delete the relevant parts. Then, plugins can easily hook into it.

However, as it’s a destructive operation (deleting data from the disk), I don’t know how comfortable the higher ups would be with such a feature.

WorldBorder’s plugin had this ability and it was fantastic.

@dualspiral The API already exposes deletions of a world and while I can’t say it doesn’t sit well with me, I can see the benefit of an API layer as that keeps a plugin out of implementation-space.

@Zidane does that mean SpongeCommon is going to be adding the ability to do this?

I found this:

It sounds like it does the job but I did not tried it.