Continuing the discussion from WorldEdit and WorldGuard implemented:

A suggestion to help servers of certain types.

Again: the idea behind both Forge and Sponge is that the modders do not edit the server jar except for installing Forge. That’s what a mod/plugin api is created for.
Having it all in a zip file that you download and unzip would be so much more work right? It’s like 3 clicks or one command if you don’t have a gui.

So a .jar builder? Something like JQuery UI’s Download Builder, I like that idea.
Though I’m not sure if licenses could be an issue here, where they all have to be compatible with each other.

Maybe require that they be compatible with the MIT License?

Can Forge mod loader not already deal with embedded mods? It would just be sponge plugin loader which would need to be modified. Could this be done with another forge core mod, to mod sponge?

I feel this is similar to App Bundles. Just saying :smiley:

Well, I’d personally make a pro / contra list and then assess the usefulness of the feature.
Some people here seem to think it should all be bundled with the server.jar. That would be redistributing Mojangs work and is prohibited by their license. It would have to be bundled with the Sponge jar or a jar that contains Sponge, Forge and any plugins to be installed, that would have to be put into the server.jar


  • Easy to install Plugins
  • Plugin bundles like modpacks


  • Needs (possibly a lot of) development work
  • How to manage the versions of embedded plugins?
  • May cause license issues. (Does the work’s license even allow redistribution?)
  • Increases jar size
  • Not really that much less work
  • Makes server inflexible. What is once embedded into the jar can’t be removed without creating a new jar.


I am pretty sure it can’t anymore.

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sudo apt-get install awesomepluginpack

no, seriously if you want to have own server you should at least know what plugins are you using and how you will work with it. Most of server administrators cant even read the problem cause from stacktrace…

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It should be legal. You don’t have to bundle the plugins. You can just modify the script that downloads the minecraft server, forge and sponge. Just add worlds, Plugins and pre-made configs to the download list.
You just bundle the link to a repo :wink:

I haven’t read any of the replies so please disregard if I’m restating something that someone said, but here’s an idea:

As we all know plugins would ship as .jar files. However a plugin pack could ship as a .zip, and when dropped into the plugins folder and the server starts, the server unzips it and empties the plugins out into the plugins folder.

Simple enough, right?

So the ability to load multiple plugins, and forge mods from within a single container file inside forges “mods” folder. This would be a forge edit, such that it can load sponge from within a zip file also containing other forge plugins, and a change to sponge so that is can also load plugins from within the same zip.

Some extra discussion over here: (although be warned, they’re not very positive; But I like the implementation idea)

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