Plugins makes my server crash

I have just downloaded the latest forge and sponge, and now every plugin I try is crashing my server.

Here is a log:

I can’t seem to find out what is wrong with my server.

SpongeCoremod (sponge-1.8-1499-2.1DEV-573.jar)

You need Forge


you are using the version with the Data API 2.0 which broke pretty much every plugin, i can tell you that your version of SpongeEssentialCmds does not work and a build for the latest Sponge isn’t built yet


Use the sponge.jar as your server compiler. This will insure that you are running the correct sponge/forge/minecraft builds! Place the sponge.jar in a empty server folder (no forge/minecraft jars) and create a .bat file with these arguments:

cd C:/Users/[Your User]/[Server Location]/
java -jar -server sponge.jar go

Add in any other arguments you choose to run your server. The “go” after “sponge.jar” will tell the .jar to both build your server and boot it all at once. Alternatively you can use “install” the first time you run the .bat and change it to “run” for future starts.

Also what @MoeBoy76 said! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!

just FYI opening a console window using a batch file makes it target that directory so there’s no need for the cd command

I just prefer to call directory so you can run the .bat from any location. Makes it easier to create shortcuts and what not :smile:

Am I doing this correct?

Server starts with the forge version and sponge is a mod.

Will try 573 + forge 1499
573 and 577 still crash with forge 1499.

Edit: Found out some plugins are broken

You can try Sponge 553 with the broken/outdated Plugins. 553 should be the last Version with old data API.

SpongeForge is a coremod for Forge, SpongeVanilla the implementation without forge. Yes, you should be doing it the right way.

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Okay thanks.

The only difference between spongevanilla and spongeforge is that forge can also use mods right?

the difference is that SpongeVanilla is a full server and SpongeForge is a mod for a Forge Server

Question: Does Sponge Vaniila also work as a stand alone client server like Forge?

exactly that, SpongeVanilla works completely on its own but SpongeForge is loaded by Forge

Yes. exactly. :smile:

SpongeVanilla is just like a Bukkit server but for SpongeAPI instead of Bukkit API. Simple as that.
SpongeForge is like Cauldron but with SpongeAPI+Forge and for MC 1.8 instead of BukkitAPI+Forge and MC 1.7.10 :wink:

SpongeVanilla and SpongeForge work just the same, expect that SpongeVanilla doesn’t support Forgemods and isn’t based on Forge.
That said you can just use SpongeForge without Forgemods and you get something that is close to SpongeVanilla.

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Thanks 4 a very entertaining try to confuse me. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Toothpick lets put it this way.

SpongeForge is a client/server mod platform, this allows for the addition of custom items and UI changes. Some Forge based mods will require the Forge loader to play.

SpongeVanilla is just a server side mod platform, no visual mods or things added. You can use the regular Minecraft client on all SpongeVanilla servers.

Thanks a lot for clarifying this … :grinning:

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