Plugins to be ported!

Orebfuscator was a nice, yet heavy, plugin. I think on Spigot they actually built similar functionality into the servermod itself. That might be nice for Sponge, but I’m not sure how lean the developers want to make it.

Yep-o! :slight_smile:

HaHA! Awesome. I really liked how much information Prism provided, and with a no-sql implementation it would give me a reason to start figuring out Mongo DB :smile:

I’ll be porting jCommands over.

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Yes, I do, why?

I believe some information could be gathered from this thread as well :slight_smile:

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Gonna say it again, anyone interested in helping maintain updated information on each of the plugins requested above, just let me know and I will give you a link to the google spreadsheet I am working on that has all of the information I have collected so far

Yes please! I can’t seem to find the first time you said it :3

This is relevent, please note @sk89q’s reply

I know I saw that.
The reason I am going to leave the economy based plugins on there server is because people may want to build off of the built in system, which gives more wiggle room for customization

Ah I see, if their porting to Sponge anyway they should switch to use Sponge’s built-in API (if it has one at the time).

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Is there a list of decision filters to assist in defining what goes into Sponge proper?

I’ll be porting FrameProtect.

If there is a need / demand, I will port over Suckchat and it’s corresponding IRC bridge

You have citizens listed but a port for denizen would be kinda cool.

We got it. Denizen will indeed be ported. (I’m the lead dev).

EDIT: Somebody wrote ‘Denizens’ on the google doc @.@ and they forgot to include me as author… argh.

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Something along the lines of tekkit customizer or any other banned/restricted item system is needed, especially for servers running mods as there are always items that can cause lag/bypass protection etc.

Whenever I see a new suggestion/request I add it to the spreadsheet posted in the OP, but I will not put a message here every time that someone adds something to the thread as it will get too packed full of responses.

Could you please correct the typo ‘Denizens’ to ‘Denizen’ and correct the authors to both aufdemrand and mcmonkey (me). (Check the Bukkitdev for confirmation on either bit of information)

Fixed, my bad. I usually only listed those marked as “author”.