Plugins to be ported!


Hello World!

Ladies and gentlemen (or any other identity), I present to you the semi-official recording of what plugins are being ported over to Sponge from Bukkit and Spigot. This list is completely community driven. It is updated as often as the two maintainers can manage (@Lemonous and @BlizzardFyre).

The list is VERY full and has almost 500 plugins already requested with the majority of them having their status posted.

IMPORTANT - I request at this time that ONLY people announcing that they are porting their plugin over post in this thread. People keep posting repeats without checking if they are already added to the list. For the sake of @Lemonous's and my sanity, please try to avoid doing this. If you want your plugin added to the list to keep users updated on what is going on with your plugin, PLEASE PROVIDE A LINK. From experience of trying to hunt down plugin pages, I can tell you that this will save us so much time.

This is a list of all the plugins

If we do not add your plugin to the list as quickly as you would like, do not repost about it. We will add it as soon as we can. ALSO please tell all of your friends about this link so the entire community can keep updated.

Hope this helps out some people!

~BlizzardFyre and Lemonous

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For those two, I feel like they should really be APIs/systems packaged with/built into Sponge.

Vault's Economy class (without any providers), and a sane permission group management system, should be provided by default.


I'm not sure if these would be able to be ported over, unless it was the original coders that do so, due to copyright.


When I say ported for most of these, I mean things that are similar or with similar functions. Example would be PermissionsEx and bPermissions. Both serve the same function but are totally different plugins.

I will post which license each of these plugins are under so as to make sure no one violates any of the copyrights. Most use GNU 3 which allows for editing and redistribution.


If the original authors don't do it themselves, I would love to work on Factions.


If I remember correctly, factions is being transferred by its owner, and as stated before, you can't just port someone else's plugin over, it must be transferred by them, or someone can develop their own versions.

Also as stated, some of the separate plugins that were available, should be implemented as part of the stock server.


Alright, that's fine.

I was talking about the latter option. Not a direct port, but a rewrite of my own.


Essentials? I'd prefer a version with less junk. (/nuke, /kittycannon...)


I would really like to see something similar to liftsign, and also WorldEdit/WorldGuard. I thought I saw somewhere that the guy who made worldedit is actually working on sponge, so I would think it would be ported anyway.


Ill be porting my plugins over. My main goal is to get ReferGift moved over and running. I may get "ClockedIn" and "Timely Permissive" ported.


I'd also love to see NCP and LWC (WorldEdit and WorldGuard too but since sk89q is in the sponge project i'm shure he will port it ^^) , but i think it would be the best if their original autors would port them. And i believe many will do this! smile


once 1.8 comes out, I'll begin work on porting my mod "OreVeins"


Vault is going to be obsolete.

I'll be porting PEX and adding the appropriate permissions API for Sponge.

PEXOE | The permissions editor you won't regret paying $0 for!

A UpnP auto port forwarding plugin, all the bukkit ones were allready dead, but here are two examples:

I would also like some sort of config to add as many ports as needed, so things like DYN map can also be auto forwarded, or even an api so other plugins could automatically add extra ports to the config.

This would be nice for people like me who run a server from a school network and don't have access to the router/modem config.

If the old dead plugins cannot be "ported" perhaps I should copy this post to "Plugin ideas"


I've never had to use one, but that's a great idea.


I too would favour this, for example Essentials.jar and EssentialsToys.jar or something for those sorts of things.

Or maybe just EssentialsMin.jar which you can replace the original Essentials.jar with that just cuts out all that junk.


WorldEdit is already a Forge mod, so technically it doesn't need to be ported.

TL;DR on the purpose of Sponge & a few questions



ComandHelper smile
I know these are sk's plugins but I feel they may be neglected frowning


GriefPrevention is a useful one.

Would be nice if the ability to load/unload/reload etc plugins individually was built into sponge, after all, plugman is always the first plugin I put on any server.