Plugins to Sponge

I want so badly to change for Sponge because a support of a Forge mods (Biomes O’ Plenty), but I have a couple of Bukkit/Spigot plugins what I need.

Is there anyway to use these plugins on Sponge?

  • ClearLag
  • DynMap (important) -> [DynmapForge]
  • EntityWatch
  • GiantTrees (important)
  • KeepDeathDrop -> [GraveStone Mod]
  • PetMaster
  • PurpleIRC
  • WorldBorder (important)
  • WorldEdit (important)
  • WorldGuard (important) -> [FoxGuard]

Take a look, half of those are either ported or being ported. Some don’t have permission from the creator to be ported to Sponge. Others have alternatives.

Many of these have a Sponge equivalent, or a Forge port:

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How about the GiantTrees? And I need WorldBorder for filling the map.

Interesting, does this support /fill command?

It has a similar command /border generate

I found out that DynmapForge has updated to 1.10.2 and I also found mod named GraveStone Mod so the list is shortening a little, at last. I was recommended to use ProjectBorders for replacing WorldBorder but I can’t find anywhere how to use ProjectBorders, and either can’t tell if it supports round (a circle shaped) world pre-generation/fill.

Any news about Sponge or Forge mods that can help me?

World Borders: Nucleus - Its a very multi purpose plugin. Can also pregen worlds.

ClearLag: There are currently 2 options for this: ClearMob (I support this one myself) and CatClearLag, ClearMob can also do a lot of things EntityWatch can, I am also open to adding new features.

PurpleIRC: CraftIRC (Ill admit I know nothing of this plugin)

I know lots about it! (I wrote it)

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Tested Nucleus and it worked like a charm! The only downside is that neither Nucleus have support for round world border.

I will test ClearMob and I’ll report here if it matches my needs.

Your mod removes all entities if I understand it right? Is there possibility to leave some of them or just limit all hostile mobs (including those added by mods like Mo’ Creatures)? By limiting I mean that you can specify max amount of hostile mobs per chunk.

Also, I noticed there’s setting called CrashMode. My server suffered crashes caused by TerrainControl for not supporting BiomeDictionary. When user joined Mo’ Creatures tried to spawn a custom mob but it couldn’t retrieve biome information because the biome was created by TerrainControl and BiomeDictionary throwed a NullPointerException. I assume that this CrashMode setting can prevent things like this from happening, right?

I’ll test your mod when I manage to get my server that far.

Mine removes whatever it is configured to remove. You get ID’s with clearmob dump all, and add them to either the Entity List or the TileEntity list.

Additionally, there are toggles to clear hostile mobs indiscriminately, or items, which are not required to be used if you fill out the list with what you want removed.

Yes, I know that, but I meant is it possible to just set limit for max quantity of mobs per chunk and if that limit exceeds then it removes the extra mobs. So it doesn’t remove all the mobs, only the extra ones.

Not yet, but oddly enough I just did code for that exact same thing for an unrelated plugin last night. Will probably incorporate it and push an update within the next week,