Plugins using bungeecord

How would one start in creating a plugin that uses the bungeecord.

What I want to make is some kind of bungeesigns plugin so that theres signs I can create in the world that show if a server is online and how many players are on it (which updates when this changes)

I guess I’m looking to do something like this but then for sponge instead of bukkit:

Anyone got a good idea on where I could start to begin in trying to create this if doing something like this is possible at all?

Spigot have a quite extensive guide to the BungeeCord API and developing for it on their website. I believe you can follow that, and simply switch out wherever they are using the Bukkit API with Sponge. However, beware that the Bukkit and Sponge APIs aren’t 1:1, so you have to translate by intention instead of function to function :slight_smile:

This should help.