Plugins using ProtocolLib

I’ve got a long way asking fot this. My question is that if Bukkit plugins that uses dirty hacks (NMS,etc.) (not pretty sure about protocollib) to show awesome animations, etc. will need to be reimplemented in forge or it is planned a ProtocolLib port to sponge?

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Yes you will be able to access minecraft source code via MCP, but the problem with that is that only the Forge Implementation will use MCP meaning only Forge servers can use that plugin.

I believe there is quite a few plans to clean up, and bring the bukkit api back. I know the core functionality of bukkit /should/ be there.

You can’t really reuse DMCA’d content, that’s why Sponge exists.

No I know you can’t I meant more the features of the bukkit api are going to be brought back. Thats the initial goal bring back the functionalities that bukkit had, and more. (Plus it made better, and such)

Bukkit didn’t have NMS capabilities. So bring what back?

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Well yea but you had access to the base classes, and could do things with the classes, and such.

Well technically it is still possible to use the Bukkit API, the DMCA claim went solely against CraftBukkit because it combines GPL-code (Bukkit and the CraftBukkit-implemantation) with proprietary code (Mojang’s Minecraft-Server code), which is against the terms of the GPL.
Since Bukkit (the API) itself doesn’t use proprietary code at all, it is still legal to use it.
The plugin @LordLambda talked about (I forgot its name myself) would only use the Bukkit API and thus be not affected by the DMCA claim.

You can make a “plugin” support multiple server-type. WorldEdit itself supports like 6 including Bukkit and Forge.

CraftBukkit contains NMS, not Bukkit.

Of course CraftBukkit contains Bukkit, after all it’s an implementation of Bukkit.

That’s not what he said, he said Craftbukkit contains NMS, and Bukkit doesn’t contain NMS

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Ah that way around it makes sense xD Whoops ^^

Craftbukkit is the server+bukkit api and that’s illegal because of GPL enforcement. But bukkit API is legal since it is supposed to not have any proprietary code (Mojang code).
In resume, it will be easier to port bukkit plugins with “dirty” implementations.

It’s not really Mojangs code that’s the problem, it’s more Wolverness

The problem is the combination between Mojang’s proprietary server code and CraftBukkit’s GPL-code.

It wasn’t a major problem until Wolverness DMCA’d

Wolvereness isn’t the problem though. Any other contributor to Bukkit can file a DMCA-claim on CraftBukkit as well. That is the real problem that Bukkit has: any contributor at any time can shut it down.