Pocket Edition Protocol Hack?

Anyone knows if it would be possible to let Pocket Editions join PC servers (eg: Spigot, Forge+Sponge, etc)?
Since it’s possible to allow older/newer pc versions to join a server, is there a way to do the same for pocket edition?
It’s obvious that the gameplay might not be as good on the pocket side as on the pc side, but for simple things like walking and talking on a lobby server it should be enough as long as it’s nothing fast paced.
Anyone knows something about this ?

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As far as I know the login protocol from Pocket Edition is different. I think allowing this could enable security exploits on the PC-server.

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I’m not an expert on this, but I doubt very much so.
Such a plugin or mod capable of doing this would need to emulate a pocket edition device and server and implement the pocket edition protocol completely, accounting for all things like blocks not available in the pocket edition for starters.
Though possible, it is highly unlikely that something like this could/would ever be implemented in the real world.

Some time back, @Owexz (and others) had a bungee-cord lobby server called Arcturus, which included an experimental portal to a MCPE server. I don’t know if it ever worked properly, I don’t own the pocket edition. Maybe he can help.

Would this work with PC MC version from far back so as not to include anything not in the mobile version?

Hi, By far i am no expert. However i don’t think that the idea is impossible just impractical.

I’m sure there is a way for the server to do such a thing. This would require the server to act
just like the mobile Minecraft server. The issue happens when you attempt to make it cross
platform compatible. Like others have already mentioned blocks that are not included in the
mobile version would not display correctly, in theory if you converted those blocks to a block
that exists in the mobile version as well as converted the movements of the character it is

On the other hand its impractical. As you may already be familiar with plugins like anti X-ray
are usually very demanding on performance. On top of that you factor in that alot of the blocks
in 1.8 are not in the mobile version you can see how this can quickly grow into a performance
issue and you can pretty much agree that there is not enough demand to have a mobile/pc
server all in one.

However it is a cool ideal and i don’t think its impossible maybe something that can be looked
at in the future after the api is more developed.

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It was more of an interface, allowing communication and (Very dodgy) inventory sharing, so not an ideal solution by any means. However, I do believe that a protocol translator has merit, though it would require a great deal of work.

The issue regarding differences in blocks could be handled in a similar way to what Spoutcraft did, in that block types that aren’t available in a game appear as another block with similar properties that is in the game, which to my knowledge could be done primarily through protocol translation with minimal overhead. Of course, building the translator is a great deal of effort, though I would very much like to see it done, it will require other developers to make, as it won’t be handled by the Sponge team.

If anyone knows about the iPhone application called MineChat, you know that there is a way to join a PC minecraft server from your iPhone device. The app simply allows you to log into a server and do nothing but chat. You can tell the app to notify you when someone types a certain word. One problem is that you actually log into the server, but have no control, only chat, so if you logged out running from monsters, you can’t do anything if you die.

With that app in mind, we can say that it would not be impossible to make an app that supports logging into PC servers, but the problem comes when there is a difference in the blocks and items. Right now the iPhone and the PC version are similar, but the PC version has far more features than the iPhone version. If the PC and the iPhone app were to be updated at the same time, then it would probably be possible to have a cross-server. But since we have the differences, we will probably not see cross-servers any time soon until the iPhone and PC versions are near-equal.

This doesn’t sound practical, unless you develop some sort of app that acts as a “mod” for the minecraft PE app, if that’s even possible. (I know so little about programming for PC, and even less about programming for mobile devices…)

Very cool idea though… it would be more interesting than minechat, that’s for sure


Sorry but, I feel theres no need for that

This is a completely different matter. With X-ray plugins the server just sends packets telling the client that there are blocks the client already has loaded at a specific location. This is not actually sending code that tells how to block looks, id, logic, etc, it is just telling the client what preloaded texture to display at a specific location. In order to send blocks to the phone client the client would have to contain specific code for downloading these blocks. It’s more practical to ask Microsoft to just add the blocks and networking from PC to the app.

That’s not quite right, I don’t think. Hypothetically, it would work similarly to the X-ray plugins that @Kevin96AT said. X-ray plugins work by telling the client that an ore or dungeon block is stone, when in reality it is actually a different block. It isn’t just telling the client which texture to load (else a hacked client could still see that blocks that were covered). A similar tactic could be employed to lie to the pocket/mobile edition when a PC only block is encountered.

Again however, this is highly impractical, and would be extremely taxing for a server.

It’s an amazing idea and I am all on board. We are discussing the way of doing it but an issue I would like to bring up is you purchase the iphone app for $8 (i think). You don’t login with mojang you buy it, download it, then play. The verification servers wouldn’t allow it and modifying that could potentially let users spoof usernames on pc with a modified client. I love the idea, there is just a lo to consider. Also last time I used mobile version was 2 years ago so dont quote me on what I’m saying it could be outdated.

I mean wouldn’t pc edition and pocket edition have two different authentification servers. They wouldn’t allow someone who bought the game for $8 to participate in $30 version.

Fairly sure you cannot provide every feature from PC to Pocket Edition anyway.

It could be easier if world was limited by Pocket Edition. So it would be like playing Pocket Edition on PC.

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not sure if this is what @Engineer means,
In my opinion, it would be way easier to have a mcpe server (such as: http://www.pocketmine.net/), and make a forge mod that lets pc users join that.

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there are a few other blocks that pe has that pc doesnt. but if we have a forge mod, we can do that

Ye, true I said nether core block as an example.

Without getting out of topic too much, could someone link me to somewhere where I can read about overhead, and it is specific to Java?

So sorry for the necro. D:

Overhead isn’t specific to Java, it simply means the amount of effort (Over the theoretical minimum) required to perform a task, the less overhead, the more efficient the system. In relation to the topic, it would be easier to simply translate the packets through PC<>Proxy<>PE rather than attempting to recreate the base engine to allow PE to join the server.

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