PokeBattleClauses - Fine control over your trainer battles


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Have a look at the Wiki


Can you also add a level restriction type of clause possible so teams with, for example, level 50 or below Pokemon cannot enter battle.


On my todo list: https://github.com/randombyte-developer/poke-battle-clauses/issues/1


Downloaded it once, accidentally deleted now gives an error when downloading again?


Which error?


just had to wait some time, made an account too so its fine <3


Hello, this plug-in feels good to use.
I think this plug-in can simulate some of the functions of Switch let’s go
But I don’t understand “list-type: white / black” now. Can you explain it more specifically?


Whitelists only allow the items in list.
Blacklists deny the items in list.


A new version has been released for PokeBattleClauses, it is available for download here.


  • Added legendary check
  • Added level check


Hello, I haven’t tried the last version yet.
However, there is a problem with the new version
If Pokemon does not comply with the rules of combat, exit the game and log in again. Will jump out of the battle rule selection interface


That seems to be a problem with Pixelmon itself. Can you confirm this behavior without the plugin installed?


It’s kind of interesting. When I tried to solve this problem, I found it disappeared by accident.

Then, when Rule A is used, the content of Rule A is changed and refreshed, but Rule A has no effect. I don’t know if this is a plug-in problem. This situation is very troublesome, if the plug-in updates later, add new content, then all the NPCs I set up have to reset the rules.


Read the wiki: https://github.com/randombyte-developer/poke-battle-clauses/wiki

Due to a Pixelmon bug, after editing a clause in the config, you have to restart the server or do this: Open the trainer with the trainer_editor item, click on the battle rules button, and then without changing anything click OK. That’s all. If you don’t want to do this with every trainer, just restart the server.


: ) Okay, I finally understood what Wiki meant.


Hello, I’ve come to ask questions again.
This is one of my settings. If I want to prohibit all items and allow all skills, is that the settings? Because I set it up like this, I couldn’t start fighting.

GrassMaster {
abilities {
items {
levels {
moves {
types {


If you leave the whitelist blank then it won’t allow any Pokemon at all because nothing is whitelisted.


An empty whitelist means nothing is allowed.

An empty blacklist means nothing is blocked.